Having already traveled to numerous places around the world as well as growing up in various cultures, shaped my love for music and travel. Being connected to music and growing up discovering and listening to many genres, permitted me to become an avid music collector throughout the years. The approach is about integrating my unique musical taste with the knowledge of the various sociological and psychological dimensions which are present in any given time/space.


Using music as a form of effective emotional communication medium to build a lasting connection between the brand and the customer.


My djing is geared towards serving luxury resorts, hotels and brands in general. Whether it is just another ordinary day, a launch or special event, I am always interested in supporting a brand through my music. My focus is on genres such as: Chillout, triphop, downtempo, Jazz, tech-house. I personally listen to many more genres but the above-mentioned styles are the ones which I can add the most value in playing as well as mostly enjoy.

As part of my desire to play relevant music which adds value to the guests’ overall experience, I always like to create an emotional connection between the brand experience and the music being played at the event or the mix created for the guests as a giveaway or merchandise. My marketing background and specialization in branding, allows me to integrate my technical know how into the overall customer journey.

Music Branding & Curation

The process is all about examining the brand in advance in order to understand the dynamics along with the sort of brand identity which the company encompasses. Additionally, learning about all the other factors which come into play such as (target audience, country, company culture and overall ambience of the brand). Based on all of this information, the music then gets curated accordingly to ensure the seamless reflection of the brand’s personality.

The benefits of music branding:

- Increase overall sales/repeat purchase.
- Drive more traffic.
- Build a long term relationship with your customers (through positive experience association & recall).
- Increase customer brand loyalty.
- Enhance customer experience.
- Influence consumer behavior.

Music’s impact on memory and happiness research:

There are hundreds of studies and so much research proving that music’s impact on memory and making people happier is a universal aspect of life. Find below some powerful quotes taken from two different recent articles regarding the subject matter.

“Memories were accessed most quickly in response to musical cues that were highly arousing and positive in emotion.”

“Music is a common phenomenon that crosses all borders of nationality, race, and culture. A tool for arousing emotions and feelings, music is far more powerful than language.”

Referenced Article

“Smell differs in that it is a personal memory, whereas there is something very social in our experience of music.”

“Music evokes emotion, but the sound and feeling of it, while important ,don’t necessary define your feelings.”

Referenced Article

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